Common Shoulder Injuries

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The shoulder is a complex mobile joint responsible for a wide range of motion of the arm. The shoulder bears a lot of pressure during actions such as throwing a ball, lifting boxes; paddling a canoe etc. and is susceptible to injuries during sports.

Here are some of the most common shoulder injuries suffered by athletes and sports persons:

  • Shoulder Dislocations: Due to trauma or high impact, the shoulder joint dislocates and ‘pops out’ of the joint. This may happen due to falling on an outstretched arm, hand and shoulder or sudden twisting. The main symptoms of shoulder dislocation include pain, inflammation and visible deformity. The dislocated shoulder needs to be put back and in case of recurrent instability, surgery is required to repair the torn ligaments.
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries: Rotator Cuff is a group of tendons that are responsible for the movement and stability of the shoulder. A Rotator Cuff Injury causes intense pain and may lead to disability. It is mostly repaired by keyhole surgery or open surgery.
  • Acromioclavicular Joint (ACJ) Injuries: Acromioclavicular Joint (ACJ) is a crucial joint on the top of the shoulder, which helps in overhead movement. The athletes often get the joint sprained due to overhead and throwing activities or repeated falls on the shoulder. The dislocation of the joint leads to painful lump on the shoulder. The dislocation is treated with the effective physiotherapy; however, in cases of persistent pain, the joint is removed surgically
  • Impingement Syndrome: This occurs due to repeated use of the arm overhead and impingement of the bursa or tendons in the shoulder bones. The main symptoms are persistent pain, tendinitis, bursitis and inability to carry out routine activities. The condition is often treated with medication, stretching exercises and rest.
  • SLAP Lesions: Superior Labral Antero-Posterior (SLAP) tears results due to overhead throwing, tackling sports and heavy lifting. The patient experiences intense pain inside the shoulder and often complains of a clicking sensation.
  • Labral Tears: The socket of the shoulder joint is surrounded by the labrum, which cushions the joint and protects it from injuries. Often falls and direct blows lead to labral tears, which is a painful condition. It is treated surgically or with medication.
  • Thrower's Shoulder: Stretching of the front of the shoulder due to repeat overhead throwing is known as the Thrower’s Shoulder. The condition requires expertise for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Bicep Injuries: The bicep muscles can rupture at the elbow during sports activities or due to a trauma. The condition is also common among old aged people and it is associated with rotator cuff tears.

Besides these injuries, bursitis and fractures are also common shoulder injuries that need to be treated surgically.

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