Golfer’s Elbow: Orthopedic Treatment In Flower Mound, TX

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Golfer’s Elbow is an orthopedic condition causing pain in the inner part of the elbow, often radiating down to the forearm and wrist. It is usually a result of straining of the forearm muscles that help you to grip, bend the wrist and twist the forearm. Although the condition can commonly be seen in golfers, it can also affect people who repeatedly have to clench their fingers and rotate their wrists, such as in painting, raking etc.


  • Overuse of arm muscles: This occurs when you repetitively rotate your arm or play sports that require a greater use of arm muscles and wrist.
  • Playing golf: Golf requires you to swing your arms, which can sometimes hurt the tendons connecting to the forearm.
  • Lifting heavy weights: When you lift heavy weights, it exerts great pressure on your forearm. Due to this sudden force, the tendons in the arm get damaged and cause pain and soreness.
  • Repeated activities: Too much usage of screwdrivers or hammers, painting, chopping wood, can also cause this condition.
  • Other factors such as muscle imbalance, hand or elbow injury and lack of physical exercise can also cause the condition.


  • Weakness in wrist, elbow or forearm
  • Swelling in the arm or wrist
  • Stiffness and inability to swing the arm back and forth smoothly
  • Difficulty and pain in bending or flexing the wrist
  • Difficulty grasping things
  • Severe pain in the arm that increases over time
  • Numbness in hands or fingers
  • Problem while shaking hands


To diagnose Golfer’s Elbow, the orthopedic surgeon may suggest certain imaging tests such as MRI, Ultrasound, and X-ray. He may also apply pressure on the affected area and ask the patient to move the arm, fingers and wrist in certain ways.


The orthopedic surgeon may prescribe the following treatment options for Golfer’s Elbow:

  • Non-surgical method: Depending upon the severity of this condition, the orthopedic doctor may prescribe you anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the pain. Taking adequate rest and avoiding strain on your arm can help you recover faster. You may also be advised to apply ice over the affected area. This may also help to reduce swelling and inflammation in the elbow and arm.
  • Surgical method: This usually comes as the last resort in the treatment approach. During surgery, the orthopedic surgeon may remove the bone spur to restore the normal functioning of the arm.

For complete diagnosis and treatment of Golfer’s Elbow in Flower Mound, TX, consult Dr. Kulwicki. To schedule an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, you can call at (972) 899 - 4679.

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